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Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting is produced with calendering process.It is normally used in office appliance, advertising,checking and testing meters etc.According to its magnetization method,it is divided into penetration magnetization and surface magnetization.(pole width 2,4,7mm or 12,7/6.4/3.6 poles per inch).

As with all magnetic materials ,performance is difficult to quantify without going into complex formula. We strive in this section to give rules of thumb and an appreciation of different materials which will help in the selection of magnets. Hands-on testing is definitely recommended(with papers/air gaps as necessary) to select the best magnet for the job.

1. Material Types

Material Bhmax-Energy Product
a.       Isotropic/semi Anisotropic Ferrite      0.7-0.8MGOe
b.       Full Anisotropic Ferrite( High Energy Sheet)   1.1-1.4MGOe
c.       Neodymium Flexible Material      2.0-2.5MGOe

2.     Material Thickness

The popular thickness range of flexible magnet material is 0.4-1.5mm, but thicker material is available in high energy. The thicker the material the greater the pull. It is not in direct proportion, but the thicker the material the greater the pull increase. Eg:0.75mm thick material has a pull of 44 gram/cm³ and if proportional the 1.5mm thick material would be 88gram/cm³, but in fact it is actually far higher at 140 gram/cm³.

Typical Pull Charateristicals

Material Thickness(mm)

Pull (Gram/cm³)









3.Magnetic properties of flexible magnetic sheeting

Code Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max Forming way Size
T KA/m KA/m KJ/m3 Max Length(m) Max Width(mm) Height(mm)
YXZY-1 0.13~0.18 80~120 100~160 4~6.4 Calendering 100 400 0.4~1.1
YXZY-2 0.18~0.22 100~140 120~190 6.4~8.0 Calendering 2 930 0.6~3
YXZY-3 0.21~0.239 140~165 150~210 8.0~10.4 Calendering 100 400 0.4~1.5
YXZY-4 0.24~0.265 15z`6~181 200~270 10.4~12.5 Calendering 2 400 0.6~6

4.Physical properties of flexible magnetic sheeting

Code Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation Rate (%) Hardness (SHA) Temperature (oC) Density (g/cm3)
YXZY-1 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-2 7~12 100~300 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-3 7~12 100~200 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7
YXZY-4 7~12 100~300 85~98 -10~80 3.6~3.7