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Now this is 21st century, there are many consumers of magnets and/or raw materials moved their enterprises or established subsidiaries within or close to China Leading countries, including the USA, have developed networks of distributors who have most demanded “standard” magnets in warehouses .We have more and more direct contact with final customers world-wide too.

Gap in customers’ R&D

Final customers often do not know what they need in terms of type of material and/or specific magnetic properties, but they need small batches of samples but of various properties. In this case, Commercial orders are not seen soon. Furthermore Real threats for companies is not to support customers’ R&D. so It is easy to have Potential loss of future orders and It will delay new technologies and materials. Therefore a new type of relationship should be established and it is very desirable to Involve engineering companies who can interpret customers’ needs and explain to them opportunities and production restrictions. To respond to this objective, we establish our company-YUXIANG MAGNETIC MATERIAL IND CO.LTD Headquarters of YUXIANG MAGNETIC MATERIAL IND CO.LTD is located in Xiamen china.

Our main engineer staff is consisting of consultants in main magnet producing area and R& D labs of china. Of course, YUXIANG magnetic material ind co.ltd is not unique as the engineering consulting team who work on magnet-based products. The core of the company consists of professors of Universities and a few retired executives – well-known professionals in magnetism, magnet production and consumption.

What We Are Doing Differently

It is Easy to access us through phone, fax, Internet, we work within 8/5(8 hours a day, 5 days a week) and response within 24 hours. E-consulting allows for overcoming borders, oceans, languages and time difference, on the other hand, Professional knowledge of both magnet properties and at the same time processing technology helps both customers and producers to reduce time for seeking right decisions for new products or applications? So if you do not know exactly what you want, but it is definitely related to the magnet world, and you need professional help, it is exactly about us. Now we have succeeded in establishing a relation of customers of china Russia, the USA India, Canada and many other countries.

Important Features

We understand the importance to invest their time and efforts for future business expansion and We like the challenge of new tasks related to new products or new applications .We are High responsibility, Very fast replies, Fast and mostly free supply of samples, Flexibility in trying some various materials, coating and have Knowledge of customs rules and of necessary documentation also we are Availability of MSDS data or readiness to develop it and have Knowledge of the International transportation ways to find the best solution for specific cases, Mostly clear understanding of production cost to be certain about product pricing.

We are looking forward to hearing from new customers too, which will join a long list where we are proud to name 3M, Magnetic Instrumentation, AZ Industry, Emerson, GE India, Obzorja, Magnetic, Dynaspede, Marabou-Unicom, Motor Specialty, IMA, India-Nippon Electronics and many others from various countries, number of which is growing and who appreciated facilitating their business into china.